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Bohamo is a groundbreaking platform powering the future of hotels and travel!
Fully automated with machine learning and AI
to optimize the end-to-end guest journey, capture more business, and generate 5x better returns
Power Your Business
We drive the only sales KPIs that
matter: heads in beds, butts in seats,
and revenue per guest
Customer Relationship Management
We deliver personalized service at
scale to generate more profitable guests and
keep them returning
Capture 50% More Spend
We facilitate end-to-end travel to remove
guest uncertainty in figuring out where to go,
what to do, and how to buy
Individualized Storytelling
We magnify visibility through visual stories
and authentic narratives
We get you onboarded, live, and earning
more with just one click
Success-Based Compensation
We sell more, so you grow and make more
money, or we don't eat
Powerful Tools to Create Better
Customer Experience's
Currently, every journey feels the same, while the chaos of travel and deteriorating experience is killing the romance.
Bohamo enables hyper-personalized trips so hotels can deliver precisely the trip guests want, provide holistic experiences, optimize their journey, and profit from 78% of potential spend not previously available to them.
Trip Through Processing
TTP is the first-of-its-kind engine that enables guests to facilitate, in advance, every detail of their journey. From pre-travel tips to fast-track customs and arrivals to dining reservations to activities and everything else, guests feel like rock stars knowing that every aspect of their trip will be epic, carefully thought-out, and frictionless.
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Partner Solutions
For Hotels
Access a network that connects travelers seeking boutique-style hotels and holistic experiences while saving them the tumult of 16 million rote listings on OTAs and Airbnb. Gain a skilled sales partner and comprehensive trip management tools that increase your share of the hospitality pie.
For Tourism Boards
Boost stakeholders (e.g., destination marketers, boutique hotels, airlines, excursions, and local businesses) for a few dollars daily. Bohamo delivers demonstrable sales and increased spending directly to
their bottom line.
For Travel Advisors/Agents
Increase earnings, secure residual income, and safeguard client relationships. Hospitality giants work overtime to intercept the travel advisor's customer relationship. Bohamo enables advisors to automate and manage the complete customer journey, makes it commissionable throughout, and ensures they retain ownership of the client during and after the trip is done.
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